You can deliver a

Colel Chabad – Israel’s Tzedakah Central since 1788 – has been sending hundreds of children to camp for over a decade – thanks to your support.

Every year Colel Chabad sends hundreds of orphaned boys and girls to summer camp because they desperately need it. Their overworked, stressed-out widowed moms need it even more -- they get a much-needed break from the heavy burden of raising a family alone, and can experience the peace of mind, knowing their kids are safe, fed and well cared for.

Countless widowed mothers have prayed that their children will be among the lucky orphans to get a Colel Chabad camp scholarship. They pray that Colel Chabad Big Brothers and Sisters will arrive to help them acquire the tools to become better students in September.

For these kids it’s nothing less than a miracle…

To get what all children deserve – especially children who have no fathers to protect them.

…And it’s the answer to their Moms’ prayers

To get a few weeks of peace and quiet, knowing their children are enjoying sports, swimming nature, art and drama just like kids who have fathers.

We make it happen,
because you make it happen

This Summer we’re hoping to send some 500 orphaned boys and girls to sleep away camps throughout Israel. And we can do it only because you care.

These kids are happy because they have our love...
Which means they have your love.

Because you understand how vital it is to keep Israel’s most vulnerable children off the hot, dangerous streets during those endless summer weeks. But our army of volunteers and network of participating summer camps are only as good as the people whose love and support make it all possible.

And this means YOU. Yes YOU – the men and women who understand that EVERY Jewish child is THEIR child. That every at-risk kid could – except for a twist of fate – have been their child or grandchild.

Your love will make all the difference to an orphaned child and their widowed mother.

Please be generous. Please donate now.

Summer is almost here, and a lot of moms are counting on you.