Purim Unmasked

Jewish boys and girls all over the world look forward to Purim - a day of celebration and feasting... A day of delicious food gifts from friends and neighbors. A day of masquerades and joy. But what about the 800,000 Israeli children who live below the poverty line? What about all kids who have no father or have no mother?

What about all those children for whom Purim is just another miserable day - only worse because everyone else is having such a grand time?

Jewish tradition requires us to celebrate Purim in four key ways:

1. Megillah

The Scroll of Esther is read out loud

2. Mishloach Manot

Sending gifts of food to others

3. Matanot L'Evyonim

Giving charity to the needy

4. Se'udat Purim

Partaking of a Purim feast

You can hear the Megillah at your favorite synagogue on Wednesday night, March 20, 2019 and Thursday Morning, March 21, 2019.
As for the rest -- we can deliver Mishloach Manot and Matanot L'Evyonim on your behalf, and provide a delicious Se'udat Purim feast to Israel's neediest families. Click here

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