Summer Camps

For Israel?s neediest children, those who live in urban squalor, summer camp is the only safe refuge from dangerous streets and even more dangerous boredom. Every summer, Colel Chabad provides scholarships that send hundreds of these children to summer camps where they can enjoy a few weeks of healthy play and fresh air.

Colel Chabad also pioneered the concept of ?virtual? day camps in dozens of hospitals for chronically sick and institutionalized children who cannot go to camp. Instead Colel Chabad brings the camping experience to them with counselors, activities, carnivals, music and arts and crafts. These virtual day camps are a life-altering experience for Israel?s most forgotten boys and girls.

Summer Camps


Moriah is only seven. She's not sure exactly what a tumor is.

But she does know her tumor is keeping her stuck in the hospital while all her friends are at camp.

Won't you help us bring some summer fun and joy to Moriah and to other hospitalized kids like her?

Yes! I want to bring the joy of camp to Israeli children like Moriah who are undergoing treatment in the hospital this summer. I know my gift will lift their spirits and speed their recovery.

$1000 to buy all the art supplies for an entire season of hospital camp
$500 to send a needy child in Israel to our overnight camp program for two weeks
$218 to sponsor three weeks of Colel Chabad Day Camp for an underprivileged child
$120 to purchase board games, puzzles, and stuffed toys for 10 hospital campers
$72 to purchase camp hats and t-shirts for 20 hospitalized boys and girls
$48 to provide an afternoon of arts and crafts for 12 children in an Israeli hospital
$26 to give a week of hospital camp to a seriously ill Israeli child like Moriah
$ any amount brings happiness to hospitalized and needy children this summer
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