• Every winger Colel Chabad helps widows and orphans and desperate seniors with winter warmth. But we can only do it with YOUR help.
Yes! I want to help the elderly, young children and babies stay warm and healthy this winter! Please accept my tax-deductible gift to Colel Chabad's Winter Emergency Heat Campaign of:
Your generous gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law in the: United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.
to buy 10 high quality space heaters and pay for two months of electricity for young widows and their kids.
to cover the cost of heating fuel for 20 young, widowed families, so that they will be warm and healthy.
to buy heavy blankets and warm coats for 50 indigent seniors, to stay warm all winter long.
to purchase 10 high quality electric space heaters for the homes of poor, destitute families in Israel.
to deliver fresh, hot nourishing meals to the homes of four needy senior citizens for an entire month.
to deliver emergency aid -- blankets, groceries, heaters, hot meals and medicine -- to elderly shut-ins, mothers with newborns, and to anyone at risk.
to provide a small radiator and pay the electricity bill for a lone Holocaust survivor in Jerusalem.
to buy warm clothing, a quilt, and one high quality heater for a freezing cold bedroom of a newborn baby.