Accident A horrific accident sends Rabbi in critical condition to hospital and leaves family mourning for their son.

A tractor trailer lost control on Interstate 80 near Clintonville, PA, on January 6th, crushing the Rabbi's minivan, killing his 10 year old son and leaving the Rabbi in critical condition, and his wife and 10 remaining children mourning and struggling with the pain and agony. Your contribution will not bring back their son, nor will it help with the physical pain. However it will help the family deal with their extreme financial hardship, now that the Rabbi, the sole provider for the family is in the hospital hundreds of miles away from his family. In addition, while the trauma of burying one's own son cannot go away, the love and caring of other people, helps the family cope with the trauma. They are deeply touched and extremely thankful for the outpour of support for them. All of your donation dollars goes directly to support this Family.

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