Therapeutic Retreat for Widows

Being a widow is very difficult, being the only parent to 4, 5, 6 or more young children is inconceivably difficult. Such women never get a day off -- even a minute to themselves is an impossible luxury. As for vacation -- that's out of the question.

Colel Chabad is at the vanguard of innovative help for widows and orphans in Israel. Through experience, we've come to understand that help with food and clothing is not enough.

Which is why every widow we help is provided with a two week summer retreat in the countryside.

During this time their children are cared for at Colel Chabad summer camps. The importance of this program cannot be overestimated, especially since these women find themselves among hundreds of other women in identical circumstances.

At these retreats they can finally unburden themselves and share their sorrows, hopes and joy.

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