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Terror Victim Shir Hajaj, Beloved Volunteer for Colel Chabad

To an outsider, the claims of Israeli society as a tight-knit family might sound like a cliché, but when it comes to times of tragedy, this reality takes on even greater truth.

For the Colel Chabad family, the terror attack in Jerusalem on Sunday directly struck its extended community. Among the four young victims—all of them soldiers in the early months of their training—was a dedicated Chesed Menachem Mendel tutor, Shir Hajaj, only 22 years old.


Chanukah -- We never forget the most forgotten children

This Chanukah – like every Chanukah – teams of Colel Chabad volunteers are fanning out to some 50 hospitals and residential facilities for severely handicapped children. Dressed as clowns, they pull out all the stops to make parties for the boys and girls who languish in children’s wards while healthy children are home and school celebrating.

Many of the hospitalized children are suffering from very serious illness. Others have a more favorable prognosis. Yet all sick children feels alone and abandoned at a time like this.


Chabad program brings Hanukkah joy to the severely handicapped

In celebration of Hanukkah, the Colel Chabad charitable organization has announced increased investment in a program to bring holiday joy to severely physically and mentally handicapped youth. The effort is intended to reach over 2,500 children in centers all over the country.

In addition to their hospital visits and toy distribution for the sick and injured planned for the larger hospitals, Colel Chabad found that far less attention is paid to the severely handicapped, many of whom are confided for long-term care in facilities for the disabled.


10,000 Needy Families to Receive NIS 4,500 Annually for Food

In two months' time a national initiative for nutritional security will finally get underway. Haaretz was informed that the families would be receiving a debit card which will be reloaded monthly in the amount of NIS 245 toward the acquisition of food in stores and markets, as well as an additional NIS 130 for the purchase of fruits and vegetables.

Following years of discussions, the National Initiative for Food Security will finally get underway: this being the first time that the State will be supplying food to indigent families - totaling thousands of shekels per year - on a monthly basis...


Orphans celebrate with Colel Chabad and the Barads

Rabbi Duchman and the Barad Family.

It was with mixed feelings that I entered the Gutnick Hall last week, where we had been invited to the scholarship presentations.

Together with my husband, we had held 2 daughter's weddings there. Now I had to be brave and enter alone with my young daughters. Tamar my 15 year old had diligently sent in test results all year as she had been coaxed by the ever loving group Co ordinator Sari that "it will really be worth it." How prophetic her words were....


Psagot Winery Visitors Center: Chesed Menachem Mendel Awards Student Success

A special celebration was held at the Psagot Winery Visitors Center, located outside of Jerusalem, Israel, on Monday evening. Chesed Menachem Mendel - Early Intervention for Young Orphans, held its end-of-the-school year scholarship and award ceremony for the Binyamin region. One mother who attended told BJL, when "I talk about it, I cry."

Chabad communities around the world, mark 12 Tammuz with celebrations remembering the birthday of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn in 1880, and the anniversary of his release from prison in Soviet Russia in 1927. Colel Chabad is Israeli's oldest continuously running social services network. Since 1788, it has developed multiple chesed projects throughout Israel, supplying food and a wide range of services to the needy.


Emergency Shabbat Food to Southern Israel, With Help of Colel Chabad

The Israeli government requested that the organization assist those in immediate need Challah rolls, chicken, soup, fish, potatoes, rice... these are the basics found on most Shabbat dinner tables. For a good number of people in southern Israel, however, getting these staples with rockets raining down from Hamas in Gaza for the second week in a row has been more than difficult. And on Thursday evening, the Israeli government ordered Israel Defense Forces More...


The Colel Chabad Chanukah Parties Program for Hospitalized Children Extends far beyond hospitals

Jerusalem, Sunday December 9, 2012 Among its myriad food distribution and social service projects in Israel, Colel Chabad -- Israel's oldest continuously operating charity (est. 1788) -- has a long-standing tradition of bringing Chanukah parties and toys to hospitalized children. The all-volunteer programs include clowns, music, menorah lighting, sufganiyot (traditional Chanukah donuts) and latkes to children at Schneider Children's Hospital, Tel Hashomer, Wolfson, Barzilai, Kaplan, Soroka and other hospitals throughout More...


Sunday, November 18, 5:00 AM: 1,600 additional seniors in areas under attack from Gaza now receiving emergency food deliveries from Colel Chabad

Colel Chabad: Operation Pillar of Defense News Release Wednesday November 21, 11:09 AM: A large Hamas rocket landed in Timurim across the road, approximately 100 yards, from the Colel Chabad warehouse in Kiriat Malachi. Thank G-d no one was hurt. Tuesday, November 20, 4PM: Because schools in Israel’s southern cities are closed all Colel Chabad Big Brother and Big Sister programs for orphaned children are being increased to four visits per week. In addition, any funding needed for tutoring, educational enrichment etc will be provided by More...


Mass Bar Mitzvah for 110 Orphaned Boys, Monday, April 2, 2012

Colel Chabad Mass Bar Mitzvah for Orphaned Boys, April 2, 2012 Scheduled for Monday, April 2, 2012 @Â 4:00 PM Israel Time Entire event to be broadcast via Internet In keeping with its annual tradition, Colel Chabad will be sponsoring and organizing a mass Bar Mitzvah for 110 fatherless boys on Monday, April 2, 2012. The bar-mitzvah will be an all day extravaganza. Preparations have been ongoing for three months as each boy was privately tutored More...



New Years 5770 Food distribution efforts in full swing... Colel Chabad beefs up its activities significantly in order to meet record demand owing to huge unemployment and recent closing of other food distribution channels... Food deliveries to thousands of families include dry groceries, frozen foods, poultry, fish, cooking oil, condiments and cleansers for the entire holiday month... Colel Chabad's chain of Israel Soup Kitchens also gearing to up serve meals to thousands of indigent elderly, and to deliver fresh More...


Bringing much love, warmth and big smiles to Israel's hospitaized and institutionalized Children

Is there a more festive, fun-filled Jewish family celebration than Chanukah? Eight days of light and gifts, of games and ?gelt?, of donuts and dreidels? No wonder children wait all year for the Festival of Lights. What better way to spend long winter evenings than in the warm embrace of family and friends. But there are children who don?t share this experience. Whose lives are filled with darkness. Who spend year after painful year living in More...


Scholarship Ceremony for Outstanding Orphans!

Colel Chabad?s efforts on behalf of widows and orphans is hardly news. After all, it?s been the lynchpin of our efforts for over 200 years. In recent years these efforts have been revolutionized through a holistic approach to working with fatherless children. No longer do we just give outright financial help to female-headed households. We also take each child under our wing and provide everything from psychotherapy, to tutoring to music lessons and summer camping. Because money alone is not a More...


Widows and Orphans Retreat... A focal point of Colel Chabad is the Crisis...

A focal point of Colel Chabad is the Crisis Intervention Program for Young Widows and Orphans.The highlight of the program are the retreats we sponsor three times a year for such families.Last week, 135 orphans, along with their families enjoyed a fun-packed week at the Dan Pearl Hotel in Yerushalayim. The families left their horrific situations to enjoy a vacation in a beautiful atmosphere while being pampered to the fullest. The retreat gave these families the opportunity to mingle and establish contact with other families who More...


How much damage was caused by Hezbollah

No one knows exactly how much damage was caused by Hezbollah’s relentless rocket attacks on northern Israel. However, conservative estimates exceed $1 billion.On a case-by-case basis the tragedy becomes even clearer. Colel Chabad field workers are processing and assisting thousands of families whose lives and livelihoods have been affected -- often destroyed -- by over four weeks of relentless attack.Scores of families returned to find their homes totally destroyed. Others discovered extensive damage. Fields of ripening produce were More...