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Helping orphans stay in school

Colel Chabad, the oldest continuously running charitable organization in Israel, awarded 100 orphans with an academic scholarship.

The scholarships, awarded on Monday evening, are part of an initiative of the Chesed Menachem Mendel program, which provides orphans customized support, be it financial or social, to help them through the difficulties of having lost a parent.

Rabbi Duchman and the Barad Family. It was with mixed feelings that I entered the Gutnick Hall last week, where we had been invited to the scholarship presentations. Together with my husband, we had held 2 daughter's More...

Psagot Winery Visitors Center: Chesed Menachem Mendel Awards Student Success

A special celebration was held at the Psagot Winery Visitors Center, located outside of Jerusalem, Israel, on Monday evening. Chesed Menachem Mendel - Early Intervention for Young Orphans, held its end-of-the-school year scholarship and award ceremony for the Binyamin region. One mother who attended told BJL, when "I talk about it, I cry."

Chabad communities around the world, mark 12 Tammuz with celebrations remembering the birthday of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn in 1880, and the anniversary of his release from prison in Soviet Russia in 1927. Colel Chabad is Israeli's oldest continuously running social services network. Since 1788, it has developed multiple chesed projects throughout Israel, supplying food and a wide range of services to the needy.

Rabbi Duchman and the Barad Family. It was with mixed feelings that I entered the Gutnick Hall last week, where we had been invited to the scholarship presentations. Together with my husband, we had held 2 daughter's More...

Colel Chabad’s Grabski Multiple Sclerosis Center in Migdal HaEmek

When Kobi Vizel welcomes you in his pleasant office in thesleepy town of Migdal HaEmek the first impression you get is that of a senior executive at a major corporation. He is handsome, affable, articulate and driven. That impression makes perfect sense. After all, Kobi spent the majority of his career in the corporate world, most recently as a senior executive with Israel’s Yellow Pages. But all that changed several years ago when Mr. Vizel decided he wanted to devote his energy and talent toward helping others. Thanks to a son who had becomes a More...


Meet the team behind Colel Chabad’s Summer Camps for Hospitalized Children

The flat “a” in Rabbi Mendel Lieberman’s speech betrays his Chicago origins. But the windy city is barely a memory for the energetic head of Chabad programs in the coastal Israeli city of Ashkelon, well within range of the murder- seeking rockets from neighboring Gaza. Rabbi Lieberman has been at his post for nearly four decades, yet he retains the contagious enthusiasm of a man on his first mission. His daughter Rivkah Gruzman has no trace of More...


Over 100 orphaned boys celebrate bar mitzva together

Over 100 orphaned boys celebrate bar mitzva together Event sponsored by Colel Chabad helps children who have lost loved ones remember they are not alone By Times of Israel staff March 31, 2015, 4:46 am Boys who have been orphaned celebrate their bar mitzva together at the Western Wall in an event organized by Colel Chabad (Photo credit: Kobi Amsalem) For many Jewish children, the bar mitzva or bat mitzva is a momentous milestone in their young lives, a rite of passage in which the excitement and pride they feel is perhaps surpassed only by that felt by More...



COLEL CHABAD ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL AWARDS DINNER ON JANUARY 6TH WAS TIMED TO CELEBRATE 200TH YAHRZEIT OF RABBI SCHNEUR ZALMAN OF LIADI -- FOUNDER OF CHABAD LUBAVITCH Event at NY Hilton honors Blavatnik Family Foundation, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and Kenneth Dichter for their major support in combating hunger in Israel Colel Chabad reveals its designation by Israel Government to spearhead nationwide program for nutritional security -- Phase one includes 12 municipalities More...



Comprehensive Pesach food solutions from Colel Chabad It goes without saying that Colel Chabad's network of 22 United Soup Kitchens will be operating in full force over the Passover holiday. These free restaurants for the poor will be serving up thousands of Passover meals each day to the indigent, the homeless and the aged. Just in time for the holiday we have opened our newest soup kitchen in the oldest part of Bet Shemesh, catering to an impoverished community of Ethiopian immigrants, Holocaust survivors and others in dire need of food More...


"We can't eradicate poverty, but we can eradicate hunger."

With these words, Colel Chabad launched its High Holidays 5771 campaign to feed the nearly 1/3 of all Israelis who live below the poverty line. Working hand in hand with the social services departments of Israel's poorest municipalities, pre-holiday lists were drawn up of the neediest and most at-risk households. These lists were prioritized based on family size and need, in order to make sure they received proper nutrition and supplies to cover the entire holiday month More...


Colel Chabad - Passover 2010 - Food Distribution in Israel

Israeli Passover Food Distributions Reach Feverish Pitch Colel Chabad officials preside over the distribution of Passover food aid by students at the Charles E. Smith Experimental High School for Boys in Jerusalem. By Andrew Friedman Mar 18, 2010 10:45 AM JERUSALEM – It’s a bright, cool afternoon at Jerusalem’s Charles E. Smith Experimental High School for Boys, known locally simply as “Hartman” after the institute and Jewish think tank that houses it.  A group of 10th grade boys are More...


10/20/2009: Colel Chabad Opens Revamped Multiple Sclerosis Center

by Gil Ronen: Arutz 7 INN TV A new building in the enlarged and improved Grabski Multiple Sclerosis Center in Migdal HaEmek was inaugurated this week in a ceremony attended by Welfare Minister Yitzchak Herzog. The center is Israel's first and only dedicated residential and outpatient center devoted exclusively to patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative disease that ultimately leads to complete incapacitation. The Grabski MS Center serves patients and families from Beit More...


"Sorry, no Heinz ketchup HERE"... Colel Chabad supermarkets: Making the basics affordable...

Colel Chabad supermarkets: Making the basics affordable to those who can't afford the basics If it's Heinz ketchup or other high-priced brands you're looking for, we suggest you don't shop at a Colel Chabad supermarket. But if quality is more important than brand, and you want to save between 30-40% on your groceries and cleansers, there are four spotless, beautifully set-up locations that will cater to most of your shopping needs. According to Natan Kozlovsky the general manager of Israel's most unique supermarket chain "Our More...


Dental Clinics in Major Paradigm Shift - Treatment now free for poor children under 18...

Colel Chabad's burgeoning network of fixed-base and mobile pediatric dental clinics is undergoing major reorganization and expansion in order to serve more children - and serve them better. Under a new partnership arrangement with Keren Lotus (the Lotus Fund) established by Samsung importer and philanthropist Ilan Ben-Dov, Colel Chabad will build, equip and operate the clinics, while Keren Lotus will cover the cost of the dental treatment. All clinics that More...



Now in its 22st consecutive year of operations, Colel Chabad is once again taking the lead in food distribution to Israel?s neediest for Passover. The logistics are daunting, and the numbers ? real and verifiable ? tell the story. Each of Israel?s 26,725 neediest families -- their names and financial status are provided by local municipalities -- are this week receiving 200 lbs of Pesach groceries, plus a crate each of vegetables and poultry. Of these, 2,200 families are receiving food and clothing vouchers valued at 2 million Shekels More...


Bringing much love, warmth and big smiles to Israel's hospitaized and institutionalized Children

Is there a more festive, fun-filled Jewish family celebration than Chanukah? Eight days of light and gifts, of games and ?gelt?, of donuts and dreidels? No wonder children wait all year for the Festival of Lights. What better way to spend long winter evenings than in the warm embrace of family and friends. But there are children who don?t share this experience. Whose lives are filled with darkness. Who spend year after painful year More...


Two people are killed in the worst cold front in years to sweep Israel (Haaretz)

The headline in Haaretz (1/13/08) -- Israel's authoritative newspaper: "Two people die of exposure as cold front sweeps through Israel" The article then reports: "At least two people died of hypothermia last weekend after an unseasonable cold front swept through the country. One victim, a 76-year-old woman from Be'er Sheva died after she was taken to Soroka Hospital in critical condition. Her temperature was at a reported 77 degrees Fahrenheit when she was More...


New Year For Trees brings happiness to lonely, elderly people in Safed.

Safed residents mark the holiday of Tu B'Shevat at the Eshel Binyamin soup kitchen operated by Colel Chabad.By Tamar RunyanJan 24, 2008 A Chabad-Lubavitch soup kitchen in Safed, Israel, celebrated the holiday of Tu B'Shevat this week with a ceremonial meal accompanied by two musicians. According to Rabbi Zeev Crombie, director of the Eshel Binyamin soup kitchen operated by Colel Chabad, the celebration that marks the "New Year for trees" brought More...


Widows and Orphans Retreat... A focal point of Colel Chabad is the Crisis...

A focal point of Colel Chabad is the Crisis Intervention Program for Young Widows and Orphans.The highlight of the program are the retreats we sponsor three times a year for such families.Last week, 135 orphans, along with their families enjoyed a fun-packed week at the Dan Pearl Hotel in Yerushalayim. The families left their horrific situations to enjoy a vacation in a beautiful atmosphere while being pampered to the fullest. The retreat gave these families the opportunity to mingle and establish contact with other More...


How much damage was caused by Hezbollah

No one knows exactly how much damage was caused by Hezbollah’s relentless rocket attacks on northern Israel. However, conservative estimates exceed $1 billion.On a case-by-case basis the tragedy becomes even clearer. Colel Chabad field workers are processing and assisting thousands of families whose lives and livelihoods have been affected -- often destroyed -- by over four weeks of relentless attack.Scores of families returned to find their homes totally destroyed. Others discovered extensive damage. Fields of ripening produce were burned or simply left to rot. More...