...for tools, for vocational training, for a sudden medical emergency... for a child's wedding.

Colel Chabad maintains a variety of GeMaChs (gemilluth chessed funds) that lend money without charging interest or services fees of any kind. Each fund is designed to meet a specific need.

These loans are investments in people, and they nearly always pay off in huge dividends - by helping proud people to maintain their dignity and achieve financial independence.

Widows and Orphans:
Free Loan Fund for Families in Distress is designed to help needy families cope with sudden emergencies;

Free Loan Fund for Young Couples, enables poor newlyweds to furnish and equip their first home;

New Immigrants:
The Rohr Free Loan Fund helps emissaries to the FSU acquire homes;

Small Business:
Colel Chabad provides interest-free loans to hard-working individuals who need a small boost to bring their dream to life.

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