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No young mother prepares to lose her husband. No children expect to lose their father. Yet this tragedy happens -- more than you know.

And it hurts most at the Seder table, where the father's seat is tragically empty. The Fact Is: There are still scores of fatherless families pleading with us for help with their Seder.

We're begging you on their behalf. BEGGING! It' s very late, but not too late to make a miracle happen. Please save a family's Passover. Click here. Thank You!

The wicked son asks 'What's all this to you?'
Children aren't born wicked.  Grinding poverty can make them do wicked things.   Please Help Now.
Being a widow with five kids is never easy. Being a widow with five kids and no money is a nightmare. No wonder, Miriam Cohen's 11 year old son is in constant trouble. When there's no food at home a hungry kid will steal food if he has to. And we're not talking about the afikoman.
Bad as thinks are all year for Miriam, Passover is the worst of times. Food prices skyrocket. The children need shoes. She's three months behind on the rent. And her kids expect a Seder. Her orphaned kids DESERVE a Seder!
Since 1788 Colel Chabad has been providing for fatherless families ESPECIALLY on Passover when food is so important, and a dead father is so painfully missed.   You Can Help Now.
Your choice is simple. You can ignore Miriam's cries and leave this page, or you can help provide her, and hundreds of other widows and orphans, with everything they need to celebrate Passover properly. Just click here.
The Torah is very, very clear: 'You shall not afflict any widow or orphan. If you afflict them and they cry out to Me, I will definitely hear their cry.' - Exodus 22:21-22
Please give like you've never given before. Our caseload is great. Heaven forbid we should disappoint even one of these innocent families. Please do the right thing. DONATE NOW!
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