Leonard Blavatnik Food Banks

A 20,000 square foot food bank and warehouse in Kiriat Malachi is the nerve center for nationwide distribution of 'total necessity' food shipments to 5,000 neediest families in 25 cities every month, and to 25,000 additional families in 73 cities, towns and village before major holidays such as Rosh Hashanah and Passover.

All recipient families are selected and audited by local municipalities purely on the basis of need, without regard to background or religious observance. The local municipalities contribute 20% to the cost of the program, while Colel Chabad and its supporters pay the lion's share of 80%.

Wherever possible, local volunteers provide home delivery. Elsewhere, the recipients pick up their packages from the town center.

There are no ghost recipients, and all numbers are tracked, audited and available for inspection.

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